Steel Plate Fabricators has a full service machine shop that requires a unique skill set and specialized training. Along with the creation of new parts, we also specialize in repairing existing parts and equipment. Our machinist have a variety of machines and equipment that physically remove material from the metal to its desired geometry. See below for details on our key machining services and equipment.

Key Services
Key Equipment
Vertical Mills
- Monarch VMC 175 CNC Vertical Milling Center, (X-76”, Y-36”, Z- 48”), Part weight capacity 7,500 lbs. High Pressure Through Spindle Coolant, 10,000RPM.
- Monarch VMC 150 CNC Vertical Milling Center, (X-76”, Y-36”, Z- 48”), Part weight capacity 7,500 lbs.
- Monarch VMC 45 CNC Vertical Milling Center, (X-40”, Y-20”, Z- 30”)
- Haas TM-1 CNC Vertical Mill (X-30”, Y-12”, Z-16”) 4000 RPM Spindle
- Bridgeport CNC Knee Mill, (X-48”, Y-9”, Z- 20”)
- Clausing CNC Knee Mill, , (X-48”, Y-9”, Z- 20”)
Horizontal Mills
- G&L Manual Horizontal Boring Mill, 60” Vertical by 144” Horizontal. 4” spindle, part weight capacity 10,000 lbs
- Cincinnati Horizontal Knee Mill (30" x 16" x 8")
- American Uni-Turn CNC lathe (32” Swing x 120” length of part)
- Bridgeport EZ Path CNC lathe (6” swing x 40” length of part)
- Omni Turn CNC lathe (6” swing x 12” length of part)
Programming Platform
- Solidworks, Mastercam, TruTops, Pro-Nest, AutoCAD, ProNest, E2 ShopTech Professional Edition
Power Transmission Parts
- Bearings
- Belting
- Bucket Elevator Components
- Chains
- Couplings
- Electric Motors
- Gear Boxes
- Idlers
- Pneumatic & Hydraulic Components
- Pulleys
- Rotary Unions
- Screw Conveyors
- Sprockets
- Water Pumps
- Okamoto Surface Grinder, (X-36”, Y-12”, Z- 8”)
- Elgin 14-40 Universal Cylindrical Surface Grinder (40” length x 14” diameter)
- Grieve Heat Treat Oven